Miss You Pete


It’s been over a week (Sept 4th) since we lost our beloved pet of 10+ years – Pete.  It’s truly amazing how large of an impact these little guys have on a family, creeping their way into every facet of your life and the hole the leave behind is just as big.  Every morning I get up, I still look for him to meet me in the kitchen for his morning plate of veggies.  In the evenings, I expect to see him sitting under a chair and at bedtime – well, that was treat time and he’d come running.

Pete lived a long life, as I mentioned earlier, 10+ years.  That’s an awfully long time for a rabbit and our vet was amazed by his age and health, which I took to mean, we did a good job with him.  Earlier this year it was discover Pete had cancer – he had an operation to remove a growth in his chest, but the vet wasn’t very optimistic.  It took a long time for him to recover from the surgery and in truth, there were days where I worried a lot.  But thankfully after 6 weeks, he was back to his-self , running around, getting into things and even developed a fascination for going outside and lying down on the front porch.  We had a great couple of months together and are so thankful for that extra time he spent with us.

We love you Pete and we miss you terribly.

2011 Lady Jays Softball Photos

OK kids – I know you’ve been waiting awhile, but now that the season is done, videos completed, awards celebration complete – the photos are posted.  You’ll find them in the gallery as usual.

Now folks – the photos are provided for the girls and their families – in no way shape or form should you feel entitled to use these images on your website or for commercial purposes without getting my written permission.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact me.

Kirk Cousins Keynote

Kirk Cousins give a great and inspirational speech to those of “privilege”.  Having a couple of budding athletes, this is something Sheri and I have worked hard to instill in our kids.  Truth told, everyone is at some level of privilege and has a debt to pay no matter your income level or experience.  Absolutely everyone is capable of serving one another in some fashion.


Coach Dave Schreimann

Today we have to say goodbye to a brother, father, grandfather, friend, mentor and coach.  Coach Schreimann passed away earlier this week.  For the past several years I’ve had the great fortune to coach alongside Dave Schreimann and it’s been an experience I’ll carry with me always.  I learned more about baseball than I ever thought I’d know.  I learned more about coaching a group of young men than I ever expected to know.  And my son, he was touched in ways that’s just plain difficult to explain.

Coach always set the bar high and he expected you to reach it.  If you screwed up, you’d hear about it.  If you succeeded, you’d hear about it. And, if you gave it your all… he’d pull you aside and praise you for your effort. He did what good coaches do every day – motivated kids to be better than they think they are.

For me, I occasionally got to spend time with Dave when he wasn’t in coach mode…  Whether on the road to BC for a coaches meeting (boy he sure loved those “coaches meeting”) – after practice – in between games or outside of baseball altogether, he loved the game and he especially loved the boys he coached.

Thanks Coach!  Thanks for all your time, effort and dedication.  Thank you for teaching us.  Thank you for your impact on our boys and being a part of our family.  Best of luck and Godspeed, you’ll be missed.

Jays Slideshow Photos

2011 Jays Baseball Slideshow from Phil Atkinson on Vimeo.

Parents, you’ll find the 2011 Jays photos in the Gallery. The photos are free for you to download and use as you wish. Simply look through the various thumbnail photos and when you find one you want, click on it. It will load a slightly larger version of the photo and off to the upper right you’ll see an icon that looks like a floppy drive. Click on the floppy drive icon and that should prompt you to download the full size version of the photo. Repeat as often as you wish. and if you get lost, feel free to contact me.